7 Reasons to Become an Expat in Peru

by David Tompkins

Moving to Peru

Are you thinking of making a new expatriate life in the South American nation of Peru? I guess you could argue that Peru is a unique choice for retirement or simply an extended long term holiday. There are definitely a lot of expat in Peru living there working on development projects or especially in the mining sector. Peru is definitely home to a large expat population from around the world and region.

Here are seven great reasons for Expats, should be considered before moving to Peru:

1.  It is Relatively Easy to Become a Resident in Peru

Whenever you are becoming an expatriate abroad, one of your first considerations is how easy it will be to obtain a long term resident visa. Some countries make it very difficult to become an expat through very strict residency rules. Luckily, the Peruvian visa process is relatively straight forward. For expats wanting to retire in Peru, you can get a “Rentista Visa” or retirement visa by having a monthly income of over $1K USD per month and of course no criminal record. In fact, after you stay there for three years, you may be able to obtain a permanent residency permit. If your employer has sent you to Peru for work, the process is quite simple as well. Students and visitors to the country can also obtain a visa in Peru. Check out the Canadian government entry/exit requirements for Peru.

2. Great Climate in Peru

The weather in Peru is a big draw for expatriates, especially those who want lots of diversity – from mountains, jungle and coastal beaches, Peru has a lot of great weather to offer visitors and foreign nationals. Note that the wet season lasts from December to March and the dry season is from April to December on the coast.

3. The Culture in Peru

Peru has a very long history with the most famous being the Incan Coricancha and Machu Picchu. There are several cultures in Peru that will keep you fascinated and impressed as well. The culture of Peru is centered around Amerindian traditions and there are quite a few diverse customs because of the rugged geography of the country.

4. The Mountains

If you love to hike, then Peru is a great place to visit and reside. There are endless mountains to hike or climb. We should also mention that while there are no ski resorts in Peru, some adventurous expats nay take advantage of heli-skiing in the high altitudes.

5. Low Cost of Living

A great draw for Peru is the low taxes and inexpensive daily living expenses such as food and rent. Groceries in Peru are extremely cheap and your retirement or expat salary will definitely go far. It will be quite easy to find inexpensive cleaning and childcare staff in Peru as well. Expat in Peru can expect the average cost of living to be roughly 40 to 50% lower than what you will find in Canada and the USA.

6. Fantastic Food in Peru

If you are an expat foodie, then Peru is definitely the destination for you. The capital of Peru, Lima, is often regarded as the culinary center of South America. You can try lots of soups and rice dishes as well.

One of the most famous dishes you will find in Peru is ceviche, which is a traditional staple. Ceviche may have many variations, but most include fish marinated in lemon juices and spiced with salt and chili. Another famous dish in Peru is deep-fried guinea pig.

7. Friendly People

Peruvians are well regarded as being quite welcoming and friendly to foreigners. They enjoy talking to expats and showing them the best the country has to offer.

Don’t Forget Medical Coverage

We hope that you will now have a few extra reasons why you should choose Peru as your future expat destination. We should mention that expat in Peru will need to obtain a global health plan as they probably won’t want to rely on local insurance providers or medical care. While the medical system in Peru is improving, many expats will want to be able to seek medical care from more expensive private hospitals or back in their home country. Also, the waiting times for medical assistance in Peru can be long, so make sure you purchase global medical coverage before you make your move to Peru.

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