5 Surprising Reasons Why Living an Expat Life is Fantastic

by David Tompkins

living an expat life

Here are five surprising reasons why living an expat life is fantastic

Jetting to a new country and living the nomadic life is a dream for many. Although the thought of relocating to a foreign land may sound technical and arduous, it is less nerve-wracking with proper planning. As a result, there’s been an uptick of expats around the globe.  There are pros and cons to living the expatriate lifestyle. We’ll give you five reasons why living an expat life is fantastic.

Sparks curiosity

When you’re living in a new country, you need some interest in exploring its culture, languages, and its many landmarks. It allows you to view the world as a child again.  You start to observe things that you usually wouldn’t. Similarly, you are likely to learn better when you’re naturally curious. You will go on adventures, land interesting jobs, face unique challenges, and even find ways to solve them.

living an expat life

New Friendships

Another reason for living an expat life is that you get to build new friendships everywhere you go. You may feel lonely at first, but you’re bound to find other expats too, and that will make for an exciting time. Making friends is highly beneficial when in a new country. You get to learn the ropes rather quickly, saving you time on certain things.

Furthermore, making friends also help you with networking. You can find a job opportunity through them, create a community, or even explore cool new places together. But don’t just stop there, network with the locals too. Connecting with the local people will give you a deeper understanding of the culture, customs, and language of a country.

living an expat life


Living the expat life will give you the autonomy you need. When you’re in a new country, you will have to learn how to sustain yourself. You will cook for yourself, clean your home, do laundry, plan your finances, and learn what’s right for you and not best for you. You won’t have any help from your siblings, parents, and extended family, which will push you to figure out everything by yourself. You may feel lonely, with no security, but overcoming these challenges will make you stronger. You will become comfortable and dependent on yourself. You will start to realize your true potential and are unafraid to take bold steps.

living an expat life

Change of taste

When you’re living an expat life, you expose yourself to different cultures. These new cultures will expose you to new kinds of food. You get to try local cuisines and tantalize your tastebuds. Not only that, when you’re exposed to modern designs, architecture, and different ways of life, you will start adopting new habits and skills and discard routines that do not serve you. You will begin to acquire new tastes and be courageous to explore what the country has to offer.


The most important thing you will even gain by becoming an expat, digital nomad, or global citizen is mindfulness. Living in a new country, you start to observe everything around you. Through this, you will also learn a great deal about yourself. When you’re comfortable in your skin, you will start loving yourself. On the other hand, you will also be detached from numerous things that come your way. Understanding all moments are fleeting, you will start to grab every opportunity that comes your way and live the best life you can.

In conclusion, living an expat life is rewarding. You get to explore new countries and also learn about your true self. As a traveler, you may face many uncertainties. And to weed through all of that, you need to be in the pink of health. One of the crucial things to do as a global citizen is to get health insurance. Expat Financial recommends digital nomads to get international health insurance when traveling.

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