Mental Health for Expats Living Abroad

by David Tompkins

Learn About Mental Health for Expats Living Abroad

Mental Health for ExpatsMore and more people are understanding the importance of maintaining your mental health, which can be a bit more difficult when living overseas while away from friends and family, supports, your regular doctor etc… It is critical to maintaining mental health for expats while staying abroad. At GoExpat, we have tried to put together a list of helpful information and tips for expats or people who are about to live abroad.  The number of articles will grow, so stay tuned:

8 Ways To Maintain Mental Health Abroad

We know that traveling to a distant country is stressful, and taking care of mental health at the same time can be even more difficult. Striking a balance between travel and mental health for expats can be extremely difficult because you may not have adequate access to the healthcare and emotional support that you received back home. Read More….

How You Can Maintain Your Mental Health While Studying Abroad

As an expat student, there can be various challenges that may mar your academic progress, especially if you have any mental issues. Studying abroad may not be an exciting experience if you have to experience culture shock or homesickness for long. If you have preexisting mental problems, you have to be extra cautious to ensure that there are no prolonged bouts of depression and anxiety when you begin a new life overseas. Read More…

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