8 Reasons to become an expat in Portugal

by David Tompkins

Learn Why You Should Pack Your Bags and Move to Portugal

Is Portugal good for expats?

Expat in Portugal

Different people have different reasons for planning a move to Portugal. Some visit the southern European country to spend their days in peace amid natural beauty, while others prefer the high quality of life in Portugal. A few other expats consider Portugal as one of the most affordable countries and a true delight to visit. Irrespective of the many reasons that visitors have to travel to Portugal, all of expat in Portugal agree to the following seven benefits that make travelers and expats throng to this European nation:

1. The Environment

Portugal is blessed with clean air and water and its low population allows for excessive wide spaces. The countryside in the region is quite beautiful and the use of chemicals and pesticides in the soil while farming is quite low. The Portuguese government’s strict planning policies further ensure that the areas of special biological interest are preserved and protected as its 150 km coastline.

2. Food & Drinks options for expat in Portugal

The tempting dairy and agricultural products of Portugal are perhaps one of its best-kept secrets. Several seasonal fruits like olives, figs, almonds, grapes, citrus, and even sweet potatoes are all grown in the country itself. The quality of every edible product manufactured in the country is top-notch. The Portuguese gastronomy is full of aroma and flavors and offers a whole lot of culinary delights to choose from.

Portugal is home to the Douro valley, the unique microclimate of which leads to the production of some of the nation’s excellent varieties of wines. The winemaking traditions are being followed in Portugal since ancient times when wine was exported to the Romans at the time of their occupation of Portugal.

3. The People Are Friendly in Portugal

Expat in Portugal

Portuguese people are the true epitome of the values that their country is known for. They are warm, friendly, tolerant, and can speak English fluently. The English connection is mostly because of the large expat communities from several European countries that have settled here over time. The vast majority of expatriates consider Portuguese nationals as friendly, warm, and welcoming towards them. Most expats believe that it is this pleasant demeanor of the Portuguese that helps them settle down with ease in Portugal.

4. Accessibility and Traffic are Low

Since the country has a very sparse population, traffic congestion is lower in Portugal. Everyone can easily find parking spaces anywhere across the country. There are plenty of transportation options, and Portugal enjoys excellent connectivity to and from all European countries and beyond. Several tourists flock the country because of the presence of this amazing connectivity that makes it struggle-free for them to travel from one point to another. The tram and subway system in Lisbon is quite good and trains are available for transport to other cities in the country and to Spain and France. There are also numerous flights to most European capitals and also to Canada.

5. Leisure Opportunities in Portugal are Great

Expat in PortugalFor those who love fun and adventure, there is no shortage of activities to indulge in when visiting Portugal. You can travel to the western coast and enjoy all kinds of water sports like parasailing, surfing, yachting, sport fishing, scuba diving, etc.

Historical monuments offer travelers the option to explore Portuguese architecture and allow a glimpse into its past. Portugal’s Algarve is also renowned for some of Europe’s best golf courses and also incredible beaches, especially in Sagres and Lagos. A few of them offer magnificent ocean views too. Then there are the theme parks, zoos, and a lot of other attractions to keep you busy. Bird watching is yet another activity that is quite popular in Portugal.

6. Cost of Living is Low

Gas and utility cost a bit on the higher side in Portugal. However, everything else costs much less than most of the countries in Europe. The list includes real estate, public transport, healthcare services, as well as locally produced food and drinks. According to a survey, the cost of living in Portugal is at least 30% less than the affluent European countries. In other words, expats can enjoy the many luxuries and wonders of Portugal without spending too much on them. You can obtain fairly inexpensive lodging throughout Portugal, including in Lisboa and Porto.

7. Health Services Are Excellent

Expat in PortugalNational healthcare services are free in Portugal for most of the citizens living there. The hospitals and clinics in Portugal services perform a good job when dealing with emergency conditions as well as several recurring procedures like vaccinations. Prescribed medicines are available at subsidized prices. The public healthcare system is effective since it is government-funded and there is no stress of patient overload.

Private healthcare of Portugal is also reasonably affordable, which is quite unlike most of the other nations where private healthcare is very costly. Expats can easily obtain international health insurance plans to take care of all unplanned medical expenses if residing in Portugal. Expat Financial offers some excellent global health insurance plans from several highly reputable providers. To know about healthcare system in Portugal check the page.

8. Low Tax for Expatraites in Portugal

The Portuguese tax system has some very favorable taxation strategies and programs for people willing to move and invest in the country. It is very quickly becoming a favorite spot of high net worth expats in Europe, especially from the UK and even those from outside Europe. For those with significant savings, the Portuguese tax system is a great choice. You should talk to your expat tax expert to learn more.  Some additional information can be obtained here: https://www.portugalglobal.pt/EN/InvestInPortugal/fiscalsystem/Paginas/PersonalIncomeTaxIRS.aspx 

How Expats Rate Portugal

A recent report from Expat Insider concluded survey places Portugal at the third position in a list of 64 countries rated by expats based on their overall experience in these countries. The categories assessed included safety and security, health and well-being, personal happiness, leisure options, digital life, and travel and transportation. As many as 8 out of every 10 expats said that they felt like home in Portugal.

Despite being a small country, Portugal packs a lot of stuff for everyone. Expats can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free life that seems only a dream for most. If you haven’t considered the option yet, it’s time you do it right away!

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